Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Opposite sex friendships

There are many ways that someone can stay away from drama occurring in a friendship. Girls tend to be in drama a lot when most of their friends are of the same sex. In the present, you see that girls tend to hang out with guys more.

The reason for this is because guys tend to stay away from complicated drama and girls look for that. Now this can also cause more drama because if people see a girl hanging out with so many guys they begin to insult her about her values.

This happened to me a lot in the 8th grade because in 7th I had too much drama with girls. The year after I began to hang out with more guy friends and my drama went away for a while until people began to talk about me and the reason why I hung out with so many guys.

Another thing that can happen is that guys and girl friends can begin to be attracted to each other and this might ruin the friendship. I guess that being friends with the same sex and being friends with the opposite sex contradict each other and compete head to head in being the best.

Friendships can be very complicated but as long as you try and stay a true friend with the ones that really matter to you then they should do the same. Everyone should value friendship and make it matter in their life.

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